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2016 Transformation Challenge




It’s not about WEIGHT LOSS, it’s about FAT LOSS! 

It’s not about the number on the scale

It’s not about who can deplete their water the day before the final weigh in

It’s about who’s going to eat right, train hard, stay accountable and be consistent.


May 23-July 17 (we will notify you about the body fat testing days)

 Main Objective

Drop as much body fat as you can while maintaining or gaining strength and lean muscle in 8 weeks.

What’s included once you enter

  • Accountability
  • Lower body fat and a stronger, leaner body
  • General nutrition guidelines
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Smoothie and recipe guide
  • Discounted rates from our partner meal prep service Simple Nutrition 365
  • Body fat testing with Inbody body fat analyzing machine at start and finish 



 Individual Prizes

Prizes will be for a men’s category and women’s category

1st place-$250 check along with a $250 gift card to Anderson Seafoods and 2 Diamond club Angels tickets

2nd place-$200 along with NL apparel

3rd Place-6 free meals from Simple Nutrition 365 meal prep along with a NL shirt 

**If there is a tie the cash prizes will be split up, and we will split the tickets and gift card. Each winner has an option of only one**



  • Client must get body fat tested at start and finish by Inbody machine at NL
  • In order to qualify you must get tested within the dates given
  • Before and after pictures along with measurements are mandatory 
  • Everything must be submitted and complete before start and end dates
  • No exceptions to ANY rules. They are non-negotiable

Investment to enter the contest



  1. You enter the 8 week challenge by signing up on this page
  2. Wait for a NL team member to schedule you for body fat testing and pictures (or submit pictures on your own to nolimitassistant@gmail.com)
  3. Review all of your resources and guidelines that you will receive a few days before the challenge. Feel free to print them out and refer to them throughout.
  4. Work your butt off, be consistent and create better habits and a better lifestyle.
  5. On week 7 we will schedule you for measurements, after pictures and a body fat test for the following week.
  6. Once everyone has been tested we will pick the winners and announce them the following week.

***Very Important Points***

  1. These rules are non negotiable, if they are not followed the client will be disqualified with no refund
  2. You MUST get your body fat measured through the Inbody at start and finish to participate
  3. You MUST be willing to put in all the work, consistency and discipline it takes to reach your goal. If you’re not serious about the next 8 weeks don’t waste your time or ours.
  4. Before and After pictures are mandatory
    1. Men– we will take them at No Limit in shorts or pants with your shirt off
    2. Women– In a bathing suit or a form fitted outfit. Picture from the front, side and back and of your entire body.



If you have any questions please contact us at nolimitassistant@gmail.com

Preferred Partners


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