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This One’s For James, He Needs Our Help

By sakoyakinian | In Uncategorized | on April 13, 2011


This is straight to the point. A friend of mine and actually one of few trainers and fitness professionals I look up to James is in a really bad place right now and it sucks!

He’s not doing to well and needs to get back East within 7-10 days to see his doctor but their is one huge problem. He has no money, he’s been living pretty much out of his car and random hotels because of his illness. I just spoke with him and told him I will do whatever I can to help him because he is a good friend, one of the most generous people I know who has actually helped me build my business a little bit along the way and who has helped so many people without ever wanting anything in return. He’s a stand up dude, I have massive amounts of respect for him.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Donate

I asked him to share his situation in case you wanted to know…

At one time I ran a successful fitness business, but I have not been healthy since 2000. In 2001 I was bitten by a tick and contracted Lyme disease. I entered college on an academic scholarship and was on the dean’s list for the first semester. I also played college rugby, baseball, and soccer and weighed 165 lbs.

During the winter break of my freshmen year, I developed a huge red painful rash on the backs of both arms. Within 1 week, I was unable to support by body weight in a pushup position. Before this point, I had a record of 88 push-ups in one minute, and 326 consecutive.

I dropped out of college because I developed a wide variety of debilitating symptoms. The symptoms included: vertigo, headaches, chronic fatigue, arthritis in every joint, loss of my sense of smell, partial loss of hearing in one ear, major weight loss (from 165 lbs. to 128 lbs.), memory loss, trouble making sentences and recalling words, stomach pain, etc.

After 4 years of having no luck and no medical answers, one doctor discovered Lyme disease. I went through antibiotic treatment and my health went from debilitating to about 80%. I decided to take a break from college and focus on building a fitness business. [ At this point I met Chris McCombs ]

I was eager to succeed because I had to. I love fitness, nutrition, and helping people improve their lives. With my own health compromised, it was tough but not impossible. I powered through the pain and symptoms and built my business to over 80 clients. I opened my own indoor boot camp in 2006. I had a Dodge Viper and things were good for once!

After running the gym for 6 months, I had a major relapse. I was exiting a movie theatre and collapsed. I woke up in the hospital and had major chest pain. The Lyme disease has turned my own immune system against me and it is now attacking my own heart and nervous system. On the outside, I look fine, but on the inside I am fighting a battle for my life.

My doctor is in Maryland and he says it is urgent that I get my heart checked out, get labs, and get on medication. I’m currently on bed rest until I see him. My only issue at the moment is a shortage of cash, and the inability to work until I get treatment.

I put off my treatment out of dedication to my clients for a while. I can’t do that any longer. I’m confident in my healthy self, but my sick self is not doing so well these days.

I appreciate having amazing people who are willing to help like Chris! I’m finally at a point in my health where I will have little chance of recovering without the help and kindness of others.

I am eager to get back to health so I can help my clients. My passion is health and fitness and I guess it is time to focus on my own.








Since I said I would help him I am going to put run a promo boot camp for all NEW CLIENTS and I am going to give James the FULL amount to help him get back to Minnesota to see his doctor and hopefullt get things fixed.

It’s a win-win..you get in awesome shape for a good deal and he hopefully gets his health back. Here it is…Their are 2 options..


1. 14 Day Kick Start Program

-14 days of unlimited boot camp, up to 16 classes per week

-Nutrition Plan and Bonus Material

-A chance to save someones life

-Ebook for all at home workouts to do on  your own without equipment



2. Donate Any Amount

So who want’s to kick start their fat loss program, lose a few extra pounds and help a fellow trainer out?

Please email sako@nolimitpersonaltraining.com saying “I WANT TO HELP JAMES AND LOSE WEIGHT” or call (714) 909-1203.




Thanks again for being a part of No Limit and for your continued support. I appreciate all of you.

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One Comment to "This One’s For James, He Needs Our Help"

  • Pete says:

    April 13, 2011 at 8:23 pm -

    Amazing stuff!! I got $50 on it!!

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