Orange County Personal Trainers Monday Motivation

So I’ve been sharing these Monday motivation videos for some time now. Here’s the thing, I don’t know if anyone likes it, not sure if people think they suck, I actually don’t know how many people even watch it.With this post I’m going to ask a HUGE favor from you. Once the video is over, please scroll down and see the comment section. Leave me a comment about the video or about Monday motivation videos in general. I would greatly appreciate the feedback :)
Enjoy the show!



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27 Responses to “Orange County Personal Trainers Monday Motivation”

  1. Robert Mendez

    Good stuff! I enjoy the motivational Monday info…thanks!

  2. Tim

    Love these motivational videos… not stop sending them.

  3. Gloria Munoz

    I enjoy the Monday motivatioal clips.
    Please do continue.

  4. Andrea b.

    Keep them coming Sako!!! There are moments when I feel lazy, and just seeing your name alone in my inbox is motivation!! :)

  5. Lynette S

    Motivation is always good! And Fernando Torres in the video definitely does not hurt the cause!

  6. sakoyakinian

    Thanks for checking out my videos Lynette! :) I appreciate it!

  7. sakoyakinian

    Yaaaaaa!!!! I’ll definitely keep them coming :)

  8. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Gloria :) Keep up the hard work!

  9. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Tim! Done, I’ll keep them up!

  10. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Robert! Awesome job at boot camp, you’re on a roll dude. Keep it up!

  11. Alex K

    Yeaaa Boy! keep sending

  12. sakoyakinian

    Yes sir!!!

  13. Robbie

    Good video today, Sako!

  14. Cindy

    So many things in life are difficult and challenging. It’s great to get some uplifting encouragement once in awhile! Love the Monday motivationals!

  15. Maria

    Love when he said, “You want more than what you have now? Prove it” Great video–I need the extra motivation sometimes. haha

  16. Donna H

    Sako, I love them! Keep sending them!

  17. Marisol

    I really enjoy the videos!! Keep them coming!!

  18. sakoyakinian

    Thanks dude!

  19. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Cindy! Glad we can help! Keep up the awesome work, you’re definitely an inspiration :)

  20. sakoyakinian

    We can all use the extra motivation, glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment!

  21. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Donna! Will do :)

  22. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Marisol! I definitely will!

  23. Liz

    I always look forward to the Monday Motivational…please don’t stop them – they really help! Love them!

  24. Karen

    Awesome video! I’ll make a point to view them each Monday. Keep it up!

  25. April

    Love these! Don’t stop sending them:)

  26. sakoyakinian

    You got it April!

  27. sakoyakinian

    Thanks Karen! I appreciate it, they help me a lot :)

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