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  • Mary Abbott Shares Her Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on March 6, 2017

    This year I turned 50 grateful. Although I have always had an abundance of blessings, I have not always embraced them. I hope that my story will inspire you to see and embrace your blessings and believe in miracles. As a child I waited with happy anticipation, in my prettiest dress and shiny patent leather shoes, for the church bus to pick me up. I loved to sing and hear how much Jesus loved the little children. I felt a blanket of safety and love at church. At 10, I was orphaned. Jesus loved the little children?

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  • Hermelinda’s Inspiring Journey

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on February 6, 2017

    I just recently celebrated my one year anniversary at No Limit.  Joining No Limit has been a life changing experience!


    I’ve struggled with my weight since I was a teenager, mainly because I love to eat.  A LOT.  And for most of my adult life, I haven’t had an active lifestyle.  Over the years, my weight has gone up and down, depending on how “good” I’ve been behaving.  Sometimes, I would go to the gym regularly and eat healthy.  Other times, I’d stop working out completely and pig out on junk food on a regular basis.  There was never any middle ground.  It was always all or nothing.

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  • New Year Body Composition Testing Special

    By sakoyakinian | In General | on January 10, 2017


    Until 1/18 we are offering 50% off body composition testing. Check out the benefits below. Get your body composition tested now for ONLY $10! You DO NOT have to be a No Limit member to take advantage of this deal.

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  • Faith Stanton Shares Her Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on December 25, 2016

    “Before No Limit I felt like I had spaghetti arms and that I was not strong at all.”

    Since taking kickboxing at No Limit I have more confidence and a better understanding of self-defense. I have a difficult time eating enough throughout the day. Like I said I had spaghetti arms and I was very bony. But now that I have started to exercise I feel stronger and my appetite has increased. I am eating more food and choosing healthier options. I used to eat a lot of candy, but now I have started eating less candy and junk food. I crave healthier foods like carrots, salads, fish, and eggs to name a few.

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  • Dylan Jones Shares His Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on December 19, 2016


    Before joining the No Limit family, going to the gym and working out was never a part of my everyday life. As a teen my weight was constantly fluctuating. After graduating from high school I gained a lot of weight.  Finances forced me to stay home and attend community college. I focused all my time on school and work so I could transfer to a university.  My lifestyle became very stagnant. Working out was seldom and my diet consisted of eating what I wanted, when I wanted it.  At 20 years old I was the heaviest I had ever been, 220lbs. I got accepted to USC and I knew it was time to make a change.  With only a few months before transferring I started running and watching what I ate.  Over the next five months I lost 25lbs.

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  • Melissa Shares Her Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on November 14, 2016


    In 2008 I was 190 pounds, my heaviest. With a 24 gym membership, yo yo diets and diet pills that I tried I never really progressed and would always gain my weight back and then some. With no one to teach or motivate me on the way to a fitness lifestyle, I abandoned it all together and tried yoga for a year. I finally built confidence in myself and decided it was time to step up my game and rejoin a gym, where I’ve struggled for so long.

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  • Sanjay Shares His Story!

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on October 16, 2016


    My workout routine before No Limit was basically 1 or 2 days per week of racquetball or tennis…..and that too was not consistent every week. Eating habits were not the smartest or disciplined. Last 10 years have seen the scale needle go up every year and I could feel the sluggishness creep in. It had gotten to a point where it was very easy to convenience myself that I am very busy and will get to a healthy routine when time permits.

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  • Grace Gordon Shares Her Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on October 3, 2016


    For the majority of my life, I’ve lived an active lifestyle, however through the years my weight has definitely fluctuated.  I’ve always worked hard and played hard.  I ate “ok” and exercised regularly.  Then I had two kids.  I was always tired and didn’t have time to work out.

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  • Mindy Pera Shares Her Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on September 18, 2016

    img_3276Several times in my life, I was motivated to join a gym.  My idea of a great workout was taking a stroll on the treadmill and people watching, committing to three days a week (that’s dedication).  I wasn’t concerned because I could control my weight with dieting alone until about a year ago.  On the advice of my MD, I went to a cardiologist and had a workup.  That’s when the s**t hit the fan.  I found out that I was a borderline diabetic and for the first time in my life had high cholesterol.  Since my diet was relatively on point, when he inquired about my exercise regime, I laughed and said what regime?  This was my wake-up call!

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  • Bobby Ward Shares His Story

    By sakoyakinian | In General, Motivational, Testimonial | on August 29, 2016

    Bobby Ward testimonial small

    I have been involved in numerous sports all the way through high school. When in college I maintained a very active lifestyle playing around 2-4 hours of basketball on a daily basis. My senior year in college I was lucky enough to get an internship with a local CPA firm that hired me on full time right after I finished my last college semester in December 2007.

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  • My ‘No Limit story’ starts almost 2 years ago.  At that time, my husband, Ricky, was working out at No Limit Boot Camp.  He would talk about how much he loved the ‘No Limit Family’ and how great he felt after boot camp work outs.  We went on an anniversary vacation and he kept saying to me “Melissa, you should really come try the boot camp… I think you would like it.”  My first response to this was, “what, you think I’m fat and need to start working out!!!”  Over time though, I started to see how great he really did feel from working out… and how great he was looking!  He was starting to show results, felt energized and we were able to make his workout schedule balance with our work and family schedule.

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    Prior to joining No-Limit, I would run occasionally to get ready for a race, but never anything with consistency.  Working out alone was boring, and the gym was little more than a monthly charge on my bank statement.  I never went with the consistency to make a meaningful change.

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