Anaheim Hills Boot Camp Monthly Drawing For a Free Month of Fitness

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Enter Our Monthly Drawing to Win a Free Month of Boot Camp Enter Your Name and Email Address to participate. Our drawing will be on the 5th of every month. Name: Email:... »

Orange Personal Trainer Lists 22 Tips to a Better Life

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1. Sit and do absolutely nothing for 10-15 minutes every day, just clear your head think about nothing.2. Figure out what you want in life and act on it.3. Ever morning you wake up tell yourself  'My purpose is to__________ today.' 4. Eat more foods that are from the ground or you have to kill, stay away from processed... »

Orange County Trainers Thoughts on Too Much Sleep

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The problem of not getting enough sleep has been discussed at length, but is it possible to actually oversleep? The answer is yes, which leads to the next question: Is it dangerous to oversleep? Again, the answer is yes, and here are some reasons why. There are a number of physical complications from oversleeping, including headaches for those who are... »

Personal Trainer in Orange County Finds Ways to Fight Anxiety by Breathing Right

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 Anxiety is the common denominator of many illnesses and health problems. Being anxious can lead to stress, frustration, and serious physical complications. In some cases, fear can actually take control and cause people to become almost paralyzed in a seemingly unending state. Fortunately, there is hope, and controlling anxiety is a lot easier than you might think. The flow of... »

Anaheim Hills Personal Trainer says There’s no Age Limit for Exercise

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Many seniors are interested in exercising, but have concerns about whether or not it is “too late” to get into shape. The answer is an emphatic no! In fact, exercising is one of the best ways to make you look and feel even younger. Some of the exercises might be different, and you might have to take certain precautions when... »

Exercise and Food Myths

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Weight training will bulk up the female figure. If too heavy a weight is used, perhaps the body will bulk up but performed correctly with the right weight and appropriate number of repetitions, the body will gain lean muscle mass and burn more calories at rest. A lean muscular body on both men and women is sexy. Nuts and... »

Sleep: More Important To Your Health and Fitness Than You Think

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 Sleep.  Your view on that word may change, depending on your age.  As an infant, it's just about the only stage of life you knew.  As you grew into a toddler, it's something you fought tooth and nail.  You only went to bed with your parents physically escorted you to your bed. (Of course you'd drop off to sleep the... »

Marijuana: How does it affect exercise and your weight?

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   There's a bit of irony in the following if intriguing story. The setting is the  mid to late 1960s.  Imagine if you will the culture of the time.  The main character, one of the premiere bodybuilders of his day.  For our purposes, we'll just call him John. John admitted that early in his career he did use drugs -- especially... »

How Can You Stay the Same Shape that You Had When You Were Younger?

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  Staying young and keeping the shape that you had back then is a matter of mental as well as physical action. In order to look younger, you must feel younger, and that is where many people miss the age boat. So, how do you feel the same way that you once did? The first step in looking and feeling younger... »

Importance of Resistance Training

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  What is Resistance Training? Resistance training is anything that gives resistance against your muscles. The most traditional resistance training is dumbbells or barbells, but it can take on many other forms as well. Cable machines and pulley systems give great resistance, as do elastic bands. Using your own body weight is another way to give your muscles resistance. Today... »


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No Limit Personal Training is a nominee for My Fox La's 2010  OC Hot list!! With your help we can reach that goal of being the number one personal training business in Orange County!  All I ask for you to do is give me a few minutes of your day to vote for us and support us in the contest.... »

Free week pass to No Limit Boot Camp!

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NO LIMIT BOOT CAMP   Morning Boot Camp Mon/Wed/Fri- 6am-7am, Saturday 7am-8am Peralta Park 115 N Pinney Anaheim Hills, Ca 92807   Night Boot Camp Mon-Thurs- 5:30-6:30pm Eucalyptus Park 100 N. Quintana Drive Anaheim, CA 92807 $159 a month for unlimited sessions Every person you refer that signs up you get 50% off following... »

Eat for Your Body type

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Learning how to tailor your diet to fit your body type is a very powerful way to ignite your progress. To begin, take a look at the somatotype descriptions to figure out where you fit. Ecotmorph-This is the typical, skinny hard gainer. If he happens to gain body fat, he can lose it easily. He finds it very tough to... »

Childhood Obesity: A Growing National Problem

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It's a growing national problem that's attracting the attention of everyone from health-fitness guru Richard Simmons, to Dr. Oz and Oprah Winfrey. Everyone has an opinion on its cause -- and everyone seems to have a solution.  The problem?  Childhood obesity. It's a growing national problem and serious medical condition.  Not only does it affect younger children -- at... »

The Benefits of Cleansing

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Cleansing can aide in weight loss, flattening of the waistline, lose that gut and relief from health problems like skin ailments, bloating, constipation, low energy levels and even allergies.  Cleansing can provide results within a few weeks and in some cases a few days, and should be the first step in any weight loss or health related program.  Though it... »

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