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  • My ‘No Limit story’ starts almost 2 years ago.  At that time, my husband, Ricky, was working out at No Limit Boot Camp.  He would talk about how much he loved the ‘No Limit Family’ and how great he felt after boot camp work outs.  We went on an anniversary vacation and he kept saying to me “Melissa, you should really come try the boot camp… I think you would like it.”  My first response to this was, “what, you think I’m fat and need to start working out!!!”  Over time though, I started to see how great he really did feel from working out… and how great he was looking!  He was starting to show results, felt energized and we were able to make his workout schedule balance with our work and family schedule.

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    Prior to joining No-Limit, I would run occasionally to get ready for a race, but never anything with consistency.  Working out alone was boring, and the gym was little more than a monthly charge on my bank statement.  I never went with the consistency to make a meaningful change.

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    “Before kids I never worked out. I hated it.”

    Before kids I never worked out. I hated it. I thought I didn’t need to. I was that girl that everyone hated because I didn’t have to work out. In reality, I was incredibly unhealthy, skinny-fat, and had terrible eating habits. I worked a lot and constantly forgot to eat. After kids I realized I had to do something. Not only for my body but for my mind. After my first set of twins I struggled with Post Partum Depression and really turned to food for comfort, and I was tired all the time. I hated that I couldn’t keep up with my kids. I became obsessed with working out but barely saw changes. I signed up with a trainer for a year at a chain gym and thought that would be my answer. I thought the accountability would help me. But my trainer didn’t care, outside of my 25 minute workout twice a week, there was no accountability as promised.

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    “I was at my heaviest, not pregnant, weight. Over 200 pounds.”

    There were a lot of things that aligned up at the time I signed up for No Limit. I was at my heaviest, not pregnant, weight. Over 200 pounds. My doctor told me that she was concerned about my liver numbers. I told her how much I drank. Needless to say she wasn’t too happy with my answer. I guess its not ok to drink a bottle of wine by yourself. I also told her about my son who has CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) and how he will need a transplant one day. I told her that I would be his kidney donor. She said they wouldn’t take me because I am not healthy. My friends and family know that drinking is my thing. 1st birthday party? Lets drink! Baby shower? Lets drink! The suns out! Lets drink! There was absolutely no way I would not be Coles’ donor. So I stopped drinking (ok 95% stopped drinking), changed my diet and exercise daily.

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  • James Minor Shares His Story

    By sakoyakinian | In Motivational, Testimonial, Uncategorized | on April 11, 2016


    “Before No Limit, working out was sporadic at best (and not effective).”

    Before No Limit, working out was sporadic at best (and not effective).  Armed with a 24 Hour Fitness membership and zero knowledge, I tried to come up with workouts or piggy-back off of a friends routine – all with little to no results. I mentally felt like I was doing something, but my body was telling me “Nope! Try again!” Plus, I really didn’t like the gym environment.  I always felt like I was being judged and didn’t have the discipline to get into a routine and stick to it.

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  • Sara Brown Shares Her Story

    By sakoyakinian | In Motivational, Testimonial, Uncategorized | on February 9, 2016

    Warning – I’m not very good at this….


    I loved working out with my trainer, Adam. I had not worked out in years. Having a baby, fighting & beating cancer and multiple reconstruction surgeries had taken its toll on my body. Not only was I overweight but I was incredibly weak.

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  • Before joining No Limit, my gym routine was inconsistent and poorly structured. I started working out on my own at LA Fitness, and later on with some of their personal trainers but never felt like I was getting where I wanted to be both physically and mentally.

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  • There are two main reasons that most people in the fitness industry use to help motivate and recruit clients.

    1. Looking good
    2. Medical scare tactics


    Those reasons are ok, however, they aren’t the real reason why you should be taking care of your body. After all, it is the only one you are going to have. 

    Here are 5 REAL REASONS why you should take charge of your life and live a healthier lifestyle

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  • Best Success Stories in 2015

    By sakoyakinian | In Uncategorized | on January 4, 2016

    Here’s a recap of 2015 and our most inspiring stories in throughout the year. If these don’t motivate you to start 2016 off strong, I don’t know what will.


    Darren has dropped over 75 lbs, 8 inches in his waist and looks like a new man!

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  • Monee Hays testimonial small

    My journey at No Limit has been an absolutely incredible almost 4 year experience.  It began during the Summer of 2011 with a Groupon to try out the No Limit Bootcamp for 4 weeks. At that time the No Limit gym was still a dream of Sako’s.  Bootcamp was held at Eucalyptus Park in Anaheim Hills. I had done bootcamps in the past but they didn’t compare to the No Limit bootcamps, which at that time were taught by Mark and Tony. I hadn’t exercised in awhile and was definitely out of shape. I had done some personal training at 24Hr Fitness about 10 years prior but it was nothing compared to what I was about to encounter. When Sako opened the gym in October of 2011 I decided to sign up for bootcamp. I really wasn’t committed and didn’t go very often and it wasn’t until January of 2012 that I made a serious commitment to get into shape. Sako e-mailed out an opportunity to everyone to apply for his 90 day Body Transformation program through personal training and nutritional coaching. Those interested had to answer a series of questions as to why we really wanted to participate. Sako was looking for individuals that would be committed.  I didn’t know Sako at the time I applied and he confided in me, much later, that he wasn’t sure if I was up for the challenge and it was Mark and Tony that told him they thought I could do it. Yes! I was chosen to participate with two others. My real fitness journey began at No Limit on 1/16/12. This is when fitness got into my blood.

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    I’m not sure what came first, me learning to walk or me playing soccer. For as long as I can remember soccer has been a huge part of my life and the love I have for the game only seems to grow over time.

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  • Orange County Trainer Talks Benefits of Foam Rolling

    By sakoyakinian | In Uncategorized | on November 20, 2014

    Why is it important to foam roll you may ask yourself? What is the purpose? How will this benefit my performance in the gym? Well here are three very good reasons as to why everyone should foam roll.

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