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Maintain Don’t Gain Holiday Challenge


Every year, the average person gains 1-3% body fat and up to 13 pounds over the Holidays. Don’t let that be you!

Our goal at No Limit is to help you maintain your current body fat %, weight and even make progress throughout the Holidays with our ‘Maintain Don’t Gain’ accountability challenge.


Everyone is welcome to join! You don’t have to be a NL member.

When- 11/21/16 – 1/8/17

Weigh-in: 11/14-11/20      Weight-out: 1/5-1/8

Entry Fee:$40

What’s included: 

  • Weekly emails with recipes and tips
  • Private FB group where everyone will work together in keeping each other accountable
  • 2 Inbody Body fat tests  ($40 value)
  • Accountability from other members participating 🙂

How to enter:

  • Click the “Yes, I want in” button and reserve your spot
  • Once you reserve your spot, keep an eye out for an email with the times for your body fat test.
  • Once you do your body fat test, it’s on! 

How it works:

  • Lose Body fat= earn 2 raffle tickets
  • Lose 1-1.4% body fat= earn 1 additional raffle ticket
  • Lose 1.5-2.4% body fat=earn 2 additional raffle tickets
  • Lose 2.5-3.4% body fat=earn 3 additional raffle tickets
  • Lose 3.5% + body fat= earn 4 additional raffle tickets
  • Maintain your weight= earn 1 raffle ticket
  • Gain weight=Disqualified



  • 3 people will win 5-semi private PT sessions ($230 value)
  • 2 people will get 3 items from our NL swag
  • Everyone’s prize will be being held accountable

Fine Print: You must weigh –in/get tested on the dates mentioned above at No Limit on the Inbody 370 testing unit. You can only win one prize. No refunds. No exceptions. If you do not complete your body fat tests you cannot use them at a later time after the challenge.